Social Analysis & Policy Division

This Division has been responsible for pioneering projects such as non-profit organizations and social needs that have contributed to changing the legal environment of philanthropy in Puerto Rico. The Division has completed major projects in areas related to HIV / AIDS prevention, needs of various populations, and recently the State Housing Plan: 2011-2015.

  • Needs studies and social policy
  • Technical Assistance in Program Design and Implementation
  • Evaluation of social programs
  • Action Plans
  • Technical assistance and monitoring of subsidized programs with local and federal funds
  • Identifying Fund Sources and Developing Fundraising Strategies
  • Writing proposals
  • Development of Instructional Materials
  • Development and implementation of citizen participation plans
  • Design and execution of training, workshops and other training efforts

Sectorial studies and public policy: As the traditional functions of the government and the non-governmental sector have changed, non-profit organizations have become increasingly important. One of the main organizations in the Third Sector needed to have a precise idea of the social needs of the country in order to align their donations with those needs. Estudios Técnicos, Inc. has completed the study of social needs three times and this has not only been of great use to the entity that originally promoted it, but has also served for public policy initiatives.