Market Strategies Division

Under current economic conditions and in a rapidly changing environment, company decisions have to be framed in accurate knowledge about markets and their behavior. This is what this Division provides, applying innovative research techniques.

Application of different research techniques (Surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, ethnographic interviews, Mystery Shoppers)

  • Social network monitoring and attitude studies on the Web
  • Satisfaction studies
  • Market profiling studies
  • Quantitative Studies
  •   - Phone surveys
  •   - Face-to-face surveys in homes or places of high flow of people
  •   - Online Surveys (Web-Based)
  •   - Deepening attitudes and perceptions
  • Qualitative studies  
  • & nbsp ;; - Focus Groups
  •   - "Tasting" of food
  •   - In-depth interviews
  •   - Ethnographies
  •   - Reflective Journals
  •   - "Mystery Shoppers"
  • Market research and strategic intelligence
  • Market entry and product launch strategies
  • Pre and post campaign studies and other studies of communication effectiveness
  • Social Marketing
  • Institutional communication
  • Branding exercises
  • "Conjoint Analysis"
  • Business intelligence
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Market research and feasibility
  • Best use and location selection studies
  • Certificates of Necessity and Convenience (CNC)

Strategic Planning: An educational institution had recently established new programs in various disciplines and ETI was called upon to identify markets and put together an implementation plan. The result was a carefully and precisely drafted strategic plan that incorporated, among others, market segmentation, site selection and promotional strategies.

Market Research: An important financial institution in Puerto Rico wanted to measure the effectiveness of cross selling efforts conducted by the competition. ETI recommended a longitudinal research design with the utilization of a user's panel. The institution obtained updated and unbiased information, which allowed it to improve their services and allocate promotional funds in a more effective manner, becoming more competitive in the marketplace.