In present economic conditions and in a rapidly changing economic environment, business firms have to make decisions based on precise knowledge of markets and their behavior. This is what the Division provides, applying innovative research approaches.



Economic analyses are recognized as key for decision-making for both the government and the private sector. ETI has a longstanding commitment to provide the best economic analyses and policy recommendations. It has been an innovative force for change in areas such as science and technology, export policies and fiscal issues, among others.



This Division has been responsible for pioneering studies such as those on the Non-profit sector and Puerto Rico’s social needs, that have changed the legal framework for philanthropy in Puerto Rico. In addition, the Division has completed important projects in areas such as HIV/AIDS prevention, needs assessments for various groups and, recently, the State Housing Plan:2011-2015.

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No other entity has completed more municipal land use plans than ETI’s Division of Urban, Regional and Environmental Planning. It has completed key projects related to management of natural reserves, the Coastal Zone Management Plan, an innovative project sponsored by NOAA on the economic valuation of reefs in eastern Puerto Rico and the Sustainable Development Master Plan for Vieques and Culebra, as well as projects for private sector firms related to siting, best use and environmental justice.



A recently established working group, it has been actively involved in compliance issues supporting government agencies, municipalities and private firms, as well as in providing support in securing federal funding in different areas, including TIGER funds. Compliance with federal and local regulations will assume greater relevance in the near future and ETI has the capacity to integrate compliance issues in a number of different areas.



The working group on real estate economics brings together the expertise of various divisions and is widely acknowledged as provider of information and market intelligence on the sector. It has completed the housing demand studies for the PR Bankers Association since 1996, the Construction and Sales Activity Report has the most complete data base on new housing construction and sales, and it advises firms and organizations associated with the construction sector.

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Estudios Técnicos, Inc. (ETI) has a record of strong participation in economic and social policy related initiatives. This includes: the preparation of the State Housing Plan: 2011-2015, the Enhanced Comprehensive HIV Prevention Plan, Puerto Rico`s External Trade Strategic Plan, PRIDCO`s Strategic Plan, the Impact of Cloud Computing on Puerto Rico`s Economy, the Reform of Puerto Rico`s Capital Markets, initiatives in the area of science and technology, and a major study on CAFTA+DR, among others.

It has strong capacity in providing technical assistance for the implementation, monitoring and compliance of programs derived from federal and local regulations and in the planning and evaluation of social programs and economic initiatives. ETI develops best use options for properties throughout Puerto Rico, prepares environmental justice and socio-economic impact studies for major public infrastructure and private projects and carries out site selection studies for firms in different sectors.

The firm provides support to a large number of firms and non-profit organizations in preparing business plans, marketing strategies and in their strategic planning processes. It also provides litigation support services. ETI produces the housing demand studies for the PR Bankers Association. The current study covers the period 2011-2015. The firm produces the quarterly Construction and Sales Activity Report that incorporates a unique data base on all new housing projects in Puerto Rico.

ETI has strong market research capabilities and provides support to new and existing firms in market development, in the introduction of new products and in developing market entry strategies.

A major strength of the firm is its interdisciplinary character and the opportunities this creates for enriching project results and undertaking complex assignments requiring the integration of various disciplines. Over the years the capacity to handle complex assignments has been one of the firm`s strengths.