The firm’s staff includes professionals from various disciplines, including law, economics, planning, statistics, management, marketing and communications, in addition to the administrative staff.


Graham Castillo Pagán,
President and President of the Market Strategies Division
He is the President and COO of the firm. Castillo rejoined the firm after working for a major international financial institution. He had previously worked for fourteen years at ETI, primarily in areas related to financial and economic feasibility studies as well as litigation support. He recently coordinated the Housing Demand Study: 2011-2015, for the PR Bankers Association and the preparation of the Housing Needs Assessment for HUD, as well as studies in the coffee industry for the Department of Labor.


José J. Villamil, B.Sc.
Chairman and CEO
Is an economist who has worked both in Puerto Rico and abroad on a wide range of subjects. He is a former President of the Inter American Planning Society. Mr. Villamil has been a visiting professor at various universities, including Harvard University and the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex in Great Britain as well as various universities in Latin America. He chaired the PR Chamber of Commerce in 2001-2003. In 2004, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Metropolitan University for his contributions to economic development. He has published extensively on development and planning subjects, and was awarded the prestigious John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation fellowship for work on development issues in small economies.


Anitza Cox, MA, JD,
Director of the Social Analysis and Policy Division
Has a BA in Communications and a MA in Instructional Design, both from the Sacred Heart University. She completed her Juris Doctor at the University of Puerto Rico and has a Graduate Certificate from Rutgers University, in Community Development and Public Administration. At ETI she is responsible for the Social Analysis and Policy Division, and supervises needs assessments, evaluations, technical assistance, and field work coordination for projects related to the Government and the Non Profit Sector. She has been involved in academic activities for fifteen years, and currently teaches at the Graduate School of Sacred Heart University and the University of Rutgers courses related to the legal structure of NPOs, research and program evaluation and community development.


Wanda Crespo, MP, PPL,
Director of the Urban, Regional and Environmental Planning Division
She is a specialist in environmental planning and has accumulated extensive experience in regulatory issues in the field. Her Master's Degree in Planning and B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences are from the University of Puerto Rico. She has directed a number of important projects including the Vieques and Culebra Sustainable Development Master Plan and its update, management plans for natural reserves, the State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan and the Coastal Zone Management Plan. She is a member of the Urban and Community Reforestation Advisory Committee of Puerto Rico..


Juan Castañer, MA.
Director of the Economic Analysis and Policy Division
He is a former Deputy Administrator of Economic Development, Assistant Secretary of Commerce for External Trade and Director of the Planning Board’s Economic Analysis Division. He recently coordinated the design of an innovative information system for the Municipality of Caguas and a study related to cruise ship tourism for the PR Tourism Company. He also coordinated a study on tax evasion for the Treasury Department. His graduate degree is from the New School of Social Research in NY.


Carlos Torija, MS.
The firm's statistician, has a Graduate Degree in Statistics from the Universidad Complutense in Madrid and a Post Graduate Degree on Advanced Methods of Applied Statistics from the same university. Over the past few years he has overseen a number of major projects, most recently for the Department of Labor on restructuring its employment and unemployment survey and the design and implementation of a major study for the proposed Caguas-San Juan train.



Oria Andino, BBA..
Ms. Andino has been collaborating on a number of projects related to market research. She is currently coordinating the production of the content and design of the Business Register and the Export-Import Guide. Ms. Andino is responsible for producing the Construction and Sales Activity Report.

  Cristina Vargas, MA. R-864
Coordinates the Market Strategies Division. She completed her master's degree in Public Relations at the Sacred Heart University. She also has a bachelor's degree in Marketing from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. She has more than 15 years of experience in market research and consumer behavior. In addition to coordinating projects related to the market and consumer, she is the person in charge of designing research instruments, analyzing results, developing recommendations and designing strategies.  While an undergraduate she was awarded the Student Marketing Prize (sponsored by Primera Hora and the SME), for a campaign aimed at creating awareness among the general population of the needs of the elderly.
  Lorena Franco, M.S.

Works in the Economic Analysis and Policy Division. She graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a double major in Economics (B.S.) and Marketing (B.A.) along with a minor in International Business.  Franco received her Master’s degree in Economics from the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. Prior to her graduate studies, she worked in New York City as an Economic Analyst for a multinational firm. 


Kevin González Toro, M.Phil., JD.
Recently joined the firm and is working with the Social Analysis Division on projects related to housing and compliance with federal and local regulations. His Master’s degree is from the London School of Economics and his JD degree from the University of Puerto Rico.
  Natalia Figueroa, MBA.
Works in the Social Analysis and Policy Division. Has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics  and a Master Degree in Business Administration from University of Puerto Rico. 

Alejandro Jordan, BA.
Has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Mathematics from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. Mr. Jordán works as Economist in the Economic Analysis and Policy Division.


Rafael Arroyo, MA, Ph.D.
Mr. Arroyo works in the area of social analysis and supervises field work. He recently completed his Ph.D. in Social Psychology.


Roberto López, MBA.
Is currently engaged in projects related to tourism development in the Island as well as other real estate developments. Mr. López also actively participates in market research projects. He has developed a proprietary technique for site selection studies that has been successfully implemented in various studies and has worked on risk management issues. His degree is from the Catholic University of Puerto Rico.


Roberto Moyano, M.S.
Cartographer. He has a B.A. in Geography from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. His areas of specialization are remote sensing and Cartography. He possesses an advanced degree in GIS studies from Spain and is completing a Master’s in Planning from the University of Puerto Rico. Prior to joining the firm Mr., Moyano worked with the federal Environmental Protection Agency in the development of maps highlighting environmentally sensitive areas. He coordinates GIS activities in the firm.

Michelle M. Sánchez Hernández, BA.

Has a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico and is currently completing a master's degree in Urban Planning. She is part of the Real Estate division and collaborates on several market analysis, transportation and land use planning, and geospatial data analysis projects. She has worked in the Region IV Office of the Federal Public Transportation Administration.

  Yoana López, MP., PPL. 

Completed her Juris Doctor at the University of Puerto Rico. Mrs. López earned her degree from UPR's Graduate School of Planning and has a BS in Environmental Sciences with a minor in Geography.  Before joining the firm, where is part of the planning team, she worked at the University of Puerto Rico, in a federal project ascribed to the Vice-presidency of Students Affairs and later in the Office of Compliance and Research Integrity ascribed to the Vice-presidency of Research and Innovation of the UPR. Yoana was one of the founding members of “Asociación Nacional de Derecho Ambiental.”

  Edward A. Mecado Sanabria, JD, MPA.  

Collaborates in the Social Policy and Analysis Division. He has a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice with specialization in Forensic Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico. Also, he completed a Juris Doctor at the University of Puerto Rico School of Law. He has experience in Contracts' Law. He was the Research and Teaching Assistant for Dr. César Rey Hernández at the University of Puerto Rico Graduate School of Public Administration. Recently, he completed a master's degree in Public Administration with specialization in Public Management at the University of Puerto Rico Graduate School of Public Administration.

Roberto Ríos, BA.  

Supervisor of the fieldwork team. Mr. Rios has a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences from the University of Puerto Rico. He has more than 10 years of experience in the supervision, management and quality control of the information gathering processes.

  Bryan Salgado Morales

Data Analytics Staff

   Marcos A. Valdez Cuello

Data Analytics Staff




José Ortiz 
General Manager


Mayra E. Rivera
Administrative Assistant