La firma ha completado sobre 1,300 proyectos, entre los cuales se encuentran los siguientes:

State Housing Plan: 2011-2015.

The Plan was prepared for the PR Housing Department. It provides the building blocks for Puerto Rico’s housing policies. It depended on the housing needs assessment completed in 2011, sponsored by H.U.D., in the preparation of which ETI had a leading role.

The Impact of Cloud Computing on Puerto Rico’s Economy.

This study was completed for Puerto Rico Science, Technology and Research Trust.

Puerto Rico Consolidated Plan 2010-2014 and the Annual Action Plans 2010, 2011 and 2012.

These documents are submitted to HUD as a funding requirement of the following programs: “Community Development Block Grant” (CDBG), “Home Investment Partnerships” (HOME), “Emergency Solutions Grant” (ESG) y “Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS” (HOPWA).

Housing needs and demand.

Every three years the firm produces a study projecting demand for housing in Puerto Rico which has become the industry standard. The most recent Housing Demand Study, the seventh, covers the period of 2011-2015.

Puerto Rico Enhanced Comprehensive HIV Prevention Plan, (2010-2012).

The firm collaborated with the Department of Health in the development of this plan which is a Demo Project of the CDC in Atlanta, and provide technical assistance to the Agency in the implementation of such plan.

Internet Usage in Puerto Rico.

ETI has completed various surveys on Internet usage for the SME, the most recent of which was completed in 2014. The projects generated detailed information on the Internet’s impact on consumption and retail sales in Puerto Rico. A related study on Internet use was completed for the Puerto Rico Internet Society.

Master Plan for the Sustainable Development of Vieques and Culebra.

The firm was chosen to head a team preparing the Master Plan in 2004. The Department of Economic Development and Commerce chose the firm to update the Plan in 2011.

“Marcas que Marcan” (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013 & 2014)

, for the Executive's Association of Sales and Marketing. It comprises the areas of brand recall, attitudes and usage around fifteen categories of products and services in Puerto Rico.

Measurement of the Use of Safety Belts.

The study has been done for the Traffic Safety Commission in 2001, 2002, 2011 and 2012. In 2011, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) required changes in the sample design that Estudios Técnicos completed. Puerto Rico was one of the first jurisdictions to obtain NHTSA approval.

Socio-economic Study for the Dept. of Education, 2004, 2007, 2010 & 2013.

Estudios Técnicos, Inc. was selected to carry out this study by the Dept. of Education and the Federal Agriculture Department. It is used for deciding on the eligibility of children to participate in the school lunch program and for determining the amount of money the Dept. of Education will receive for that purpose. 3,000 families were interviewed.

Corporate and Sales Tax Evasion.

These studies were completed in 2010 for Puerto Rico’s Treasury Department.

Economic Valuation of Coral Reefs in Eastern Puerto Rico.

This innovative project for the Department of Natural and Environment Resources of Puerto Rico is part of a NOAA initiative. It is the first time a project such as this has been carried out in Puerto Rico.

Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan.

Completed in 2007 for the National Parks Company of the Government of Puerto Rico.

Needs Assessment of children with special needs in Puerto Rico (ENNES-PR).

This study was completed in 2009 for the Department of Health. Federal Guidelines were followed in designing the study.

Evaluation of Judicial Proceedings in cases dealing with mistreatment or violence against children.

The project was completed in 2006, for the Courts Administration under the Federal Court Improvement Program. The project entailed in-depth interviews with opinion makers, review of judicial files, focus groups, a survey to social workers, interview to parents , among other tasks.

An Evaluation of Puerto Rico’s Cardiovascular Centers.

PRIDCO's Office of Science and Technology commissioned the firm to prepare the study, aimed at gaining an understanding of the Island’s cardiovascular services and its potential as an export service.

PRIDCO’s Strategic Plan.

Completed in October, 2004 the project entailed coordinating a number of consulting firms working in specific areas and providing PRIDCO with an integrated and cohesive blueprint for future action.

Market studies for the shopping centers of PMI.

This firm has fourteen shopping centers across the island. Estudios Técnicos, Inc. conducted market research for each of its properties when the company acquired them.

Coastal Zone Management Plan.

The Department of Natural Resources and the Environment (DNRE) commissioned the firm to prepare the Plan, which was completed in 2009.

Socioeconomic study of the Caño Martín Peña sector.

Estudios Técnicos, Inc. completed the analysis of the socio-economic profile of the families of the area, which included a census of the entire population. As part of the project, residents of communities were trained and hired to conduct the field work.

Long Range Transportation Plan.

The firm was part of the team chosen by the PR Highways and Transportation Authority for this project, and was responsible for all socio-economic work related to the plan, as well as the Origin and Destination studies and the Public Involvement Program. (with Parsons Transportation Group)

Use Regulations for the surrounding areas of the Urban Train stations (Tren Urbano).

This project aims to develop regulations for the definition of uses in the surroundings of the train stations. The contracting agency is the Planning Board and the project was completed in 2004

Technology Corridor.

The firm developed the concept of the Technology Corridor as part of its work on implementing the Public Policy on Science and Technology and was retained by the Department of Economic Development and Commerce to develop a plan for its implementation.

Convention Center District.

The firm did the initial market demand analysis, impact studies and programming for the District, and subsequently worked with outside consultants on specific development plans for the District..


ETI developed the initial conceptualization and implementation plan for the development of this technology related initiative, which includes Caguas and seven other municipalities, as well as universities and private sector firms in the central region of Puerto Rico.

Reports to the Puerto de las Américas Steering Committee.

The firm prepared various reports which included benchmarking with other ports in the region, recommendations on the formula for distributing the port's benefits among the region's municipalities, targeting of potential value added firms and impact assessments, the determination of gate fees, as well as the revision of other consultants' reports.

Improvement of labor force statistics.

The Department of Labor retained the firm to work on revamping its statistical systems, including recommending the appropriate technologies. The project’s recommendations have been implemented.

Image and perception studies.

ETI has carried out projects for private firms aimed at providing them with market intelligence and information concerning the perception which different groups have of the organization and its products. These studies have been carried out for the insurance, banking, health services, education, retail and telecommunications sectors.

Feasibility and best use analysis for Isla Grande.

At the request of the interagency group dealing with Isla Grande, the firm prepared a best use analysis for the peninsula. It had previously worked for the Ports Authority on its cargo operations in the sector.

Interest Rate regulation.

The Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions retained the firm to advise it on the topic of interest rates and a major report on the subject was recently submitted. The firm has also produced studies on the banking sector’s lending activities for the Commissioner.

Master Plan for the San Patricio Area.

ETI prepared the market studies, demand projections and recommendations on restructuring the Mall and its surrounding area, as well as the programming of the project, which includes commercial, office and recreational uses. It coordinated the consultants working on architectural and engineering aspects of the project. It subsequently completed an up-date of the Master Plan and an evaluation of initial actions.

Land Use Plans.

Work is being done on the plans for four municipalities and there are ten plans of other municipalities already completed and approved by the Puerto Rico Planning Board.

Economic Development Plan for Caguas.

This project entailed a detailed assessment of development alternatives for the municipality and specific recommendations on its development, mix of activities and other factors. A key recommendation was that the municipality should focus on becoming a regional technology hub. The firm has also collaborated in the preparation of the municipality’s strategic plans.

Study of the nonprofit organizations in Puerto Rico (1996, 2002, 2007, 2014)

, which has been conducted for United Way of Puerto Rico and other foundations in the country. It was the first study to build a profile of the Third Sector in Puerto Rico and to measure its economic impact. As a result, legislative pieces were outlined, intended to address the priority areas found in the study. Also the Study for Social Needs in Puerto Rico was conducted.

Impact studies.

The firm has had ample experience in carrying out impact studies for large scale projects. These include, among many others, work done on the proposed Convention Center, the impact of Palmas del Mar on its region and on Puerto Rico as a whole, the impact of the proposed San Juan Waterfront Redevelopment. It has provided the socio-economic component of many environmental impact studies.

Business Plans.

A number of major firms in telecommunications, manufacturing, computer services, insurance and banking have hired the firm to produce their business plans. The firm has acted as principal consultant in strategic planning processes for a number of firms, municipalities, government agencies and educational institutions.


The firm has carried out valuations for a number of major firms in the Island and provided solvency assessments for major transactions involving mergers and acquisitions in the retail, radio, pharmaceutical and packaging industries.