ETI maintains close working relationships with a number of specialized firms in Puerto Rico, Latin America, the United States and Europe in fields such as strategic planning, transportation, logistics and urban and regional planning.

Although the firm is divided into four divisions, it is committed to an interdisciplinary approach. The firm's extensive data banks and GIS services, provided by an affiliated corporation, Geotécnika, Inc., are shared by the four divisions.

    • Social Analysis & Policy Division. The work of this division is focused on the areas of social needs assessment, community action plans, program evaluation and social policy issues. The firm recently completed - for the fourth time - the landmark study on Puerto Rico's Non Profit Sector in association with a consortium of foundations. Other studies include: the Socioeconomic Study of the Communities of the Caño Martín Peña; a Socioeconomic Study for the Department of Education and the United States Department of Agriculture, that is used to determine the amount of federal funding that Puerto Rico will receive to provide breakfast and lunch for children in the education system for the next three years; the Enhanced Comprehensive HIV Prevention Plan (an initiative of the White House); and a major project related to the Court Improvement Program for the Courts Administration. The division recently completed the revision of the State Housing Plan, a pilot project of HUD, and provides technical assistance to municipalities and Non Profit Organizations for the implementation of Federally funded programs. The division is coordinated by Anitza Cox, MA, JD.

    • Economic Analysis & Policy Division.  s division prepares economic analysis and forecasts as well as policy studies, including work for the government and the private sector. Three examples of projects completed by this division, include: the development of methodologies to measure the intangible economy for the Department of Economic Development, an assessment of tax incentives for the Department and an evaluation of the telecommunications industry for a service provider. Juan A. Castañer is Director.

    • Market Strategies Division.  Charged with the responsibility of providing services to private firms in the areas of feasibility and market analysis, strategic planning and litigation support. The division is coordinated by Cristina Vargas Márquez, MA. During recent years the firm has been collaborating with the Sales and Marketing Association in two longitudinal studies on Internet usage and branding. It also completed the first in depth study regarding mobile communication and the first study on the profile and attitudes of millennials in Puerto Rico. The division uses ethnographic techniques, besides traditional data gathering methods such as surveys and focus groups. It completed work for the Puerto Rico Olympic Committee on its brand and its value.

    • Urban, Regional and Environmental Planning Division. The division prepares environmental studies and plans as well as land use plans and housing and transportation studies. It has coordinated a number of important projects for the Department of Natural and Environmental Resources of Puerto Rico (DNER), among them the Coastal Zone Management Program, management plans for natural reserves and the revision of the Strategic Plan for fish and wildlife resources in Puerto Rico. The division coordinated the study on the economic value of corals in Eastern Puerto Rico, the first time such a study has been carried out in Puerto Rico. Other important projects of the division include the State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) and the economic and fiscal impacts of the state system of national parks for the National Parks Company. In 2004, it completed the Master Plan for the Sustainable Development of Vieques and Culebra, updated in 2011. It completed a project on the impact of Climate Change in Culebra. The division has completed fourteen municipal land use plans. It is coordinated by Wanda I. Crespo, MP, PPL.